How to master the off duty look.

People often tell me that they find it hard to pull off a casual look with sneakers. They don't feels if they look well put together. Let's face it there is a fine line between the casual look and looking like you just rolled out of bed, if you don't get the details right. Believe it or not the effortless look actually requires a little effort. Before I get into the checkout list there is one tip that you need over all the others. The one cliche tip is whatever your wearing, in order to pull it off you have to feel good about it. I believe that anyone can get dressed up and look good, but it's how you put together an off duty look that shows your true style.

1. Clean sneakers. If your going to wear sneakers that are dirty or worn out the whole look will be completely thrown off and will not look polished at all.

2. Wear a pair of good quality leggings. If your going for sneakers and leggings make sure you have a pair of leggings that are free of lint and piling. Opt for skinny yoga pants or workout pants they tend to be thicker and of much better quality then the average pair of leggings. You can also opt for a faux leather or with a pair with a design on it to elevate the look.

3. Cover your butt! If you are wearing leggings please find the right length shirt to cover the unsightly top of your pants. Leggings normally do not have any type of structure at the top of the pants and does not have a flattering look. Go for a oversized sweatshirt, the one in this look is actually just two sizes bigger then what I wear.

4. Wear a coat or jacket that compliments the look. During the spring and fall go for a oversized denim jacket, this will take your look from the gym to appropriate for lunch and errands.

5. Pull it all together with the accessories. In order to take your look to the next level it's all in the accessories you choose. If your sneakers are neutral in color, you can play up the look with a eye catching bag. Try a something with a pop of color or chain strap for added texture. A casual look is perfect to pair a more extreme pair of sunglasses.

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