Soft romantic color scheme

One of my favorite things to do when creating an outfit is to pair an all neutral palette with a subtle pop of color. You can use the 80/20 rule to achieve the perfect balance. Eighty percent of the outfit should be made up of your neutral colors: black, white, creams or tans and twenty percent should be a pop of color. The best part about this theory is that if you're uncertain of how particular colors will suit you, it will allow you to implement any color into your look with the perfect balance. Replacing this pink cardigan with a gray tone and adding a bright colored bag is the perfect way to wear a color you like, but maybe just doesn't work well against your skin tone. Shades of pink are my current go to when pairing color with neutrals. They add an aspect of romance and remind me of a setting in my favorite romantic comedies, especially a dusty rose shade. This soft color palate has a very feminine vibe. Just pairing these sneakers and distressed jeans with the pink cardigan creates and instant softness in the look.

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Cardigan: Windsor /Jeans: Abercrombie / Sneakers: Nike /Slit Tee: Similar, Similar /Chocker: HRH Collection/ Bag: Similar /Faux Fur: Similar


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