How to shop for inexpensive stylish clothes!

It's a popular belief that "money can't buy happiness". What many do not realize is that money can't buy you style either. A common misconception is that you have to spend a lot to look polished and put together. Today my friend texted me a quote "There are two types of girls: those that can make cheap clothes look expensive and those that can make designer clothes look cheap". I have a few tips that I use all the time to keep a fresh, polished look with my wardrobe. Keep in mind, most of my closet consists of items from Forever 21 and H&M.

Tip #1 Fabric

It's pretty simple to just select pieces that don't look like poor quality. Especially when shopping for faux leather and silk, just by looking at these fabrics you can tell whether or not they're good faux pieces. If you're shopping online and it's difficult to tell, reading reviews can help you make a decision.

Tip #2 Mix and Match

Mix higher priced items with something lower priced. This is a trick I used with the look shown here. The top is from TOP Shop which can be a little pricey and the skirt from which is a very inexpensive clothing line. Combinations like this are a great way to keep you in vogue without breaking the bank.

Tip #3 Simplify

Keep your look simplified. As the quote above states, you can make even the most expensive clothes look cheap. Neutrals will almost always look chic and pulled together. Throwing a ton of colors together can tend to look tacky depending on how you pair them. If you are someone who likes bright colors, a great way to implement them is in small doses instead of overwhelming the outfit. Using a colorful accent piece like a purse adds just enough pop of color to any look.

I rarely spend a lot of money on my clothes. Instead, I like to have a few solid pieces that I can mix and match along with a few key standout pieces that are a little more trendy. It's important not to implement too many trendy pieces in one outfit in order to prevent your look from going from chic to cheap. You'll see above, the skirt I chose is extremely trendy and edgy and the top has a trendy element as well with the over the shoulder shape. In order to keep the pieces from competing, I made sure the whole color scheme was subtle. Also, I kept the accessories to a minimum. You want the skirt to be the element of outfit that catches your eye. Too many standout pieces would easily take this look over board.

I hope these simple tips can help you build a wardrobe that you feel good about while saving you the time and money it would take purchase expensive pieces. Challenge yourself with recreating a look for less from your favorite bloggers or celebrities. This is a great way to jump start the process of creating your ideal style!

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Skirt: ( sold out ) Try this one!/ Top: Similar, love this color!/Shoes: Love these / Bag: Similar


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