Hair care routine

I typically like to live a clean lifestyle by eating clean and using beauty products that use minmal harsh chemicals. Sometimes its harder then it seems to really find the right product that works for your needs and is as well using safe ingredients. When Formulate contacted me I was very intrigued because they are free of sulfate, paraben, and preservatives as well as cruelty free. What I liked most about the product when I started using it, was that I was able to explain the goals I wanted to achieve and they created a product specifically for my hair and scalp. I was able to download the Formulate app on my phone. I can use it to easily update the app for any future goals I establish I want to achieve and Formulate will change my future orders.

My Experience

Once I received the product in October after only two uses, people in which i see daily started asking if had recently colored my hair. I noticed the blonde in my hair became so much more vibrant since coloring it back in May of this year. Below is a description of what my hair goals include. I basically requested everything i needed as well as choosing the scent and intensity of the scent!


Formulate has given me a link for you to enter the giveaway to win your own personal set! Just by entering you will also recieve $5 off your order and free shipping! US residents only the giveaway ends 12/2 so hurry!


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